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Welcome to the personal homepage of Hans Peter

As a retired electronic engineer with a lifelong passion for exploration and adventure, I’ve found fulfillment in the depths of the ocean and behind the lens of my camera. Hailing from Germany, I embarked on a journey decades ago that led me to become PADI SCUBA instructor in 1987. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in over 2500 dives across the globe, discovering the vibrant and awe-inspiring marine life that inhabits our oceans.

Beyond my love for diving, I’ve cultivated a hobby in photography, capturing the beauty of both underwater landscapes and terrestrial vistas. Every image you see on this site is a testament to my own experiences, each frame telling a story of exploration and appreciation for the natural world.

While this page is strictly private, I’m delighted to share my adventures with fellow enthusiasts. Feel free to browse through the galleries, and if you find yourself inspired, you’re welcome to use my pictures for non-commercial purposes. Whether you’re seeking a glimpse into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves or the breathtaking scenery of the Costa Brava, where I’ve found solace in a vacation home, I hope my images transport you to new realms of wonder.
I’ve visited over 50 countries for both work and fun.
Overall, I had a good time, with a few small issues.
Instead of dwelling on problems, focus on finding solutions!
I met many friendly people and made friends from various cultures and languages.
Speaking other languages can help, but it’s not always necessary. Hand gestures and friendly eye contact can do a lot!
Remember the rule:

Stop, Think, and Act.

It’s important in both SCUBA diving and life.
Thank you for visiting, and may your journeys be as enriching and fulfilling as mine have been.

Happy Bubbles